Reich Commissariat of the Urals
Reichskommissariat Ural
of Nazi Germany
Flag Coat of arms
Reichskommissariat Ural in 1945.
Capital Novosibirsk
Government Civil Administration
 •  1942–1952 Hinrich Lohse
 •  Surrender of the Soviet Union 7 January 1942
 •  Siberian Republic established 5 March 1952
Currency Ruble
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Soviet Union
Siberian National Republic

Reichskommissariat Ural (abbreviated as RKU; Russian: Рейхскомиссариат Урал), was the German civilian occupation regime in the West Siberian Plain following the defeat of the Soviet Union in 1942. It was also known initially as the Reichskommissariat Sibirien (Reich Commissariat of Siberia). The Siberian National Republic was formed from this in 1952.

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