King of Finland
Suomen kuningas
Kingdom of finland coat of arms by fenn o manic-d5dz9c9.png
Coat of arms of the King of Finland
Charles II of Finland

since 18 November 1999
Style His Majesty
Heir apparent Tito, Crown Prince of Finland
First monarch Charles I
Formation 1918
Residence Royal Palace, Helsinki

The King of Finland (Finnish: Suomen kuningas, Swedish: Finlands Konung) is the nation's head of state. Under the Finnish constitution, executive power is vested in the king and the government, with the king possessing only residual powers. The current monarch is King Kaarle II.

The monarchy of Finland has only been an independent sovereign monarchy once in its history. Finnish monarchs have always been part of greater monarchy based outside of Finland itself. When it finally became established as a modern independent nation-state, it became a monarchy backed by Germany at the conclusion of the First World War.

Background[edit | edit source]

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