King of Montenegro
Reign 12 July 1941 – 24 March 1986
Predecessor Otto
as Emperor of Greater Austria
Successor Nicholas II
Spouse Geneviève Prigent
Nicholas II of Montenegro
House House of Petrović-Njegoš
Father Prince Mirko of Montenegro
Mother Natalija Konstantinović
Born 14 September 1908
Podgorica, Montenegro Flag of the Principality of Montenegro.svg
Died 24 March 1986 (aged 77)
Cetinje, Montenegro Flag of Montenegro (1905-1918 & 1941-1944).svg
Religion Orthodox Christian

Early life[edit | edit source]

Mihaijlo was born in Cetinje in 1908, the son of Prince Mirko of Montenegro. In 1916, the defence of Montenegro against the invasion by Austria-Hungary during the World War collapsed and he, along with the rest of the royal family, fled to Italy. There, he briefly attended a boarding school in Naples before joining his mother, who had taken up residence in Eastbourne in the United Kingdom where he completed his primary education. After his grandfather Nikola died in 1921, the defunct throne of the kingdom was inherited by Danilo, Crown Prince of Montenegro. However, Danilo unexpectedly renounced his rights a few days later and his nephew the young Mihaijlo succeeded him as pretender under the guidance of a regent. On 14 September 1929 the Regency of General Anto Gvozdenovic ended.

Accession[edit | edit source]

In 1941, following the Fall of France, Prince Mihaijlo and his wife were arrested by the German occupation authorities. They were transferred to Germany and were held at a castle on the shores of Lake Constance. It was here that they were visited by Count Galeazzo Ciano and Joachim von Ribbentrop and were offered the throne of a new, independent Kingdom of Montenegro, but under Italian and German protection and guidance. He initially rejected this offer and remained imprisoned in Germany until his aunt, the Queen of Italy (Elena of Montenegro), convinced him of his responsibility to Montenegrin people. He was proclaimed King Mihaijlo I by Parliament and invited to return to Montenegro. They arrived in Montenegro, which he had not seen since 1916, in 1943 and realized surprised that the memory of his family was still alive amongst the people. After taking up residence at King Nikola's Palace where the couple's son Crown Prince Nikola was born in 1944.

Titles and styles[edit | edit source]

  • 14 September 1908 – 12 July 1941: His Highness Prince Michael Petrović-Njegoš of Montenegro
  • 12 July 1941 – 24 March 1986: His Majesty The King of Montenegro
Michael of Montenegro
Born: 14 September 1908 Died: 24 March 1986
Montenegrin royalty
Preceded by
as Prince of Montenegro
King of Montenegro
12 July 1941 – 24 March 1986
Succeeded by
Nicholas II
Titles in pretence
Preceded by
Crown Prince Danilo
King of Montenegro
7 March 1921 – 12 July 1941
Reason for succession failure:
Montenegro annexed by Austria-Hungary
Monarchy restored
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