Grand Duchy of Baden
Großherzogtum Baden
Part of the Confederation of the Rhine (1806–1813), the German Confederation (1815–1866), the German Empire (1871–1933), and Nazi Germany (1933–1990)
Flag Coat of arms
"Song of the People of Baden"
Capital Karlsruhe
Languages German
Government Monarchy
Grand Duke
 •  1771–1811 Charles Frederick (first)
 •  1963–1990 Maximilian II (last)
Legislature Landtag
 •  Margraviate raised
    to grand duchy
6 August 1806
 •  Unification of Germany 18 January 1871
 •  Machtergreifung 30 January 1933
 •  German Revolution 31 August 1945
Preceded by
Succeeded by
wikipedia:Electorate of Baden
Republic of Baden
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