German federal elections were held in Germany on 19 October 1950. They were the first held since the start of the European War on 10 April 1938. There were 876 deputies to the Reichstag in total.

Voters were presented with a single list from the National Front of Germany, which in turn was controlled by the Nazi Party. As would be the case in all elections in Germany until the end of the century, only one candidate appeared on the ballot. Voters simply took the ballot paper and dropped it into the ballot box. Those who wanted to vote against the candidate had to go to a special booth, without any secrecy. Seats were apportioned based on a set quota, not actual vote totals. By ensuring that its candidates dominated the list, the Nazis effectively predetermined the composition of the Reichstag.

According to official figures, the National Front list received the approval of 99.6% of voters, with turnout reported to be 98.5%.

Results[edit | edit source]

Choice Votes %
Unity List 7,943,949 66.1
Against 4,080,272 33.9
Invalid/blank votes 863,013
Total 12,887,234 100
Registered voters/turnout 13,533,071 95.2
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