Friedrich Wilhelm
German Crown Prince
Crown Prince of Prussia

Crown Prince Friedrich Wilhelm in 1966
Spouse Ehrengard von Reden (div. 2002)
Sibylle Kretschmer (m. 2004)
Prince Friedrich Wilhelm
Princess Victoria Louise
Prince Joachim Albert
Father Louis Ferdinand, German Emperor
Mother Grand Duchess Kira Kirillovna of Russia
Born 9 February 1939
Cadinen, Germany Flag of German Reich (1933–1935).svg
Died 29 September 2015
Germany Flag of Germany.svg
Religion Evangelical Christian Church

Prince Friedrich Wilhelm of Prussia (born 9 February 1939) was the last Crown Prince of the Prussia and Germany. After the abolition of the monarchy he became a historian.

Early life and education[edit | edit source]

Friedrich Wilhelm was born in 1939 as the son of Louis Ferdinand, the last German Emperor, and his wife Grand Duchess Kira Kirillovna Romanova in Berlin-Grunewald. He was the eldest of seven children and born fourth in succession to the throne of Germany, his great-grandfather Wilhelm II reigned for two more years after his birth. His early childhood was spent in the East Prussian town of Cadinen before the family began alternating to Berlin for the winter months. Adolf Hitler made multiple attempts to have the prince join the Jungvolk which was compulsory for eligible boys. His father, wanting his children exposed to as little Nazi ideology as possible, refused Hitlers pressure. In 1951 his father acceded to the throne as German Emperor and King of Prussia, making Friedrich Wilhelm Crown Prince.

After visiting the Lettow-Vorbeck-Gymnasium in Bremen and graduating at Plön he received commission as a Major in the Gardes du Corps. He studied History at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg and acquired a Doctorate of Philosophy in February 1971.

Titles, styles and honours[edit | edit source]

Monarchical styles of
German Crown Prince Friedrich Wilhelm, Crown Prince of Prussia
Wappen Deutsches Reich - Reichsadler 1889.svg
Reference style His Imperial and Royal Highness
Spoken style Your Imperial and Royal Highness
Alternative style Sir

Titles and styles[edit | edit source]

  • 9 February 1939 - 20 July 1951: His Royal Highness Prince Friedrich Wilhelm of Prussia
  • 20 July 1951 – 5 April 1990: His Imperial and Royal Highness The German Crown Prince, Crown Prince of Prussia
    • official in Germany: 5 April 1990 – 29 September 2015: Herr Friedrich Wilhelm Kronprinz von Preußen
Friedrich Wilhelm, German Crown Prince
Born: 9 February 1939 Died: 29 September 2015
Titles in pretence
Preceded by
Louis Ferdinand
as German Emperor
and King of Prussia
German Emperor
King of Prussia

26 September 1994 – present
Reason for succession failure:
Die Wende
Succeeded by
Prince Friedrich Wilhelm
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