Chief of General Staff
Chef des Generalstabes
Stander General Austria.png
Flag of the Chief of the General Staff
Residence War Ministry building on Ringstraße
Appointer Emperor of Austria
Precursor Austro-Hungarian General Staff
Formation 10 November 1920
First holder Arthur Arz von Straußenburg
Final holder Franz Böhme
Abolished April 1941

The Imperial and Royal General Staff (German: k.u.k. Generalstab) of Austria was part of the Ministry of War. It was headed by the Chief of the General Staff, who had direct access to the emperor. The general staff was responsible for planning and preparations, while the Armeeoberkommando (AOK) was the operational high command. In fact, since the AOK was under the direct command of the emperor and the chief of the general staff was his chief adviser, in practice the AOK was under the control of the chief of the general staff.

List of chiefs of the general staff[edit | edit source]

# Name Image Born–Died Rank Start End Note
1 Arthur Arz von Straußenburg Arz Arthur von Straussenburg 1.jpg 1857–1935 Generaloberst 1920 1923
2 Theodor Körner von Siegringen Theodor Körner.jpg 1873–1957 Generalmajor 1923 1924
3 Josef Schneider Generalmajor 1924 1924
4 Thomas Buzek General 1925 1926
5 Richard Schilhawsky 1879–1960 General 1926 1929
6 Ludwig von Eimannsberger 091218 eimannsberger.jpg 1878–1945 General 1929 1930
7 Siegmund Knaus Bundesarchiv Bild 102-09307, Sigmund Knaus.jpg 1879–1971 General der Infanterie 1930 1932
8 Sigismund Schilhawsky General der Infanterie 1932 1938
9 Alfred Jansa von Tannenau Alfred jansa.png 1884–1963 Feldmarschalleutnant 1938 1940 Dismissed due to the Soviet offensive into Austria
10 Franz Böhme Franz Böhme 1938.jpg 1885–1967 Generalmajor 1940 1941 Issued the stand down order during the Anschluss
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